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XPrivacyLua Pro v0.79 (Unlocked) (1.8 MB)

XPrivacyLua Pro v0.79 (Unlocked) (1.8 MB)

XPrivacyLua Pro v0.79 (Unlocked) for Android

The Description Of XPrivacyLua Pro v0.79 (Unlocked) (1.8 MB)

This app allows you to purchase the following XPrivacyLua pro features individually or all at once:

鈥 backup and restore all settings
鈥 manage individual hooks per app
鈥 set custom identifiers globally/per app
鈥 allow (non) starred contacts globally/per app
鈥 set custom fake or coarse location globally/per app
鈥 view a global log of which restriction were applied and when
鈥 notify on applying an app restriction
鈥 dark theme

Managing hook definitions and accessing the hook definition repository are free to use features.

This app requires XPrivacyLua to be installed, see here for instructions:

For support, please use this forum:
ver. XPrivacyLua Pro v0.76 (Unlocked) APK
XPrivacyLua Pro v0.79 (Un...

2021-01-10 16:19:54


ver. XPrivacyLua Pro v0.79 (Unlocked) APK
XPrivacyLua Pro v0.79 (Un...

2021-02-16 12:44:49



XPrivacyLua Pro v0.79 (Unlocked) (1.8 MB) XPrivacyLua Pro v0.79 (Unlocked) Update

Changelog for 2021-02-16 12:44:49

XPrivacyLua Pro v0.79 (Unlocked) (1.8 MB) Additional Information

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