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xManager v4.9 (Spotify) (8.2 MB)

xManager v4.9 (Spotify) (8.2 MB)

xManager v4.9 (Spotify) for Android

The Description Of xManager v4.9 (Spotify) (8.2 MB)

An android application where you can manage and install all modified versions of the spotify app.
A simple yet very useful manager app for everyone's convenience.
Developed byxC3FFF0E
•Upgrade or Downgrade Anytime & Anywhere
•Manager Tools (Uninstall, Open Settings, Clean Cached Datas & Launch App)
•Able to Hide Navigation Bar
•Neat & Slick Minimalist UI
•Swipe Down to Refresh
•Lightweight Manager
•Theme Selector
•Easy to Use

ver. xManager v4.6 (Spotify) APK

2023-03-01 22:55:54

ver. xManager v4.7 (Spotify) APK

2023-03-12 23:28:51

ver. xManager v4.8 (Spotify) APK

2023-03-31 03:24:15

ver. xManager v4.9 (Spotify) APK

2023-05-13 13:53:36


xManager v4.9 (Spotify) (8.2 MB) xManager v4.9 (Spotify) Update

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