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Voice Announcer v1.0.3 (Premium) (Unlocked) (5.5 MB)

Voice Announcer v1.0.3 (Premium) (Unlocked) (5.5 MB)

Voice Announcer v1.0.3 (Premium) (Unlocked) for Android

The Description Of Voice Announcer v1.0.3 (Premium) (Unlocked) (5.5 MB)

Very easy to know who is calling you without having to look at you phone. Voice Announcer will shout or read the caller name & or number of the caller.
It also will read the name of the message and the text message.
Many other function will be given by the voice announcer like voice alerts for low battery, full charge, etc,.
And it reads all kinds of app notifications.

App Main Features:

1. Message and Call Announcer:
- It identifies caller or text message sender and announce it loudly.
- There is wall message announce loudly option.
- You can also set option like announce number if its unknown caller.

2. App notification announcer:
- It reads all kind of notifications
- Also know from which app have you received the notification from.

3. Reminder:
- You can set multiple reminders and receive that reminder with amazing voice announcement.

4 . Battery options:
- Set battery options like charger disconnect to know if somebody removes your phone from charging.
- Get other battery voice announcements like low battery, full charge battery, etc,.

Voice Announce is a simple app that will help you to continue doing your work with having to get disturb of checking the notifications, caller details or text message details.
ver. Voice Announcer v1.0.0 (Premium) (Unlocked) APK
Voice Announcer v1.0.3 (P...

2020-11-29 14:02:10


ver. Voice Announcer v1.0.1 (Premium) (Unlocked) APK
Voice Announcer v1.0.3 (P...

2020-12-22 13:57:36


ver. Voice Announcer v1.0.3 (Premium) (Unlocked) APK
Voice Announcer v1.0.3 (P...

2021-11-23 01:11:37



Voice Announcer v1.0.3 (Premium) (Unlocked) (5.5 MB) Voice Announcer v1.0.3 (Premium) (Unlocked) Update

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