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VivaTV (AdFree) Apk

VivaTV (AdFree) Apk

VivaTV v1.1.9v [Mod] for Android

The Description Of VivaTV (AdFree) Apk

Free Movies and TV Shows for Android Devices.
VivaTV is an Android application allowing user to watch movies & tv shows for free on Android device, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, etc.

True Authentic
Find any movie or tv show you want, at 1080p and even 4K movie quality.

Trakt Support
Never lost your watchlist, favorite, history with Trakt.tv.

Innovative layout
Light and beautiful design for both phone and tv.

High Quality Content
Support Real-debrid, Alldebrid, Premiumize for high quality service.

How it works
VivaTV is a modular search tool for content. It crawls movie/tv shows hosting websites and can find and return the videos hosted on those sites.For example, VivaTV can find Avengers: Infinity War, or complete The Walking Dead seasons, all using the Modules built by the amazing members of our community.

VivaTV (AdFree) Apk VivaTV v1.1.9v [Mod] Update

Changelog for 2020-05-12 19:39:08

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