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Todo Reminder Pro (Paid) Apk

Todo Reminder Pro (Paid) Apk

Todo Reminder Pro + Widget v1.2 (Paid) for Android

The Description Of Todo Reminder Pro (Paid) Apk

Todo list functions:

• Create (repeating) tasks with title, description, due date and image
• Resizable, interactive widget for your home screen
• Mark tasks directly on the widget
• Be reminded
• Backup function
• Use shortcut buttons in the notifications
• Share your tasks
• Modern design

With todo task list you will not miss any appointment anymore. It does not matter if it is a shopping list, birthday, meeting or just notes. You can easily create new tasks and todo task list will remind you at a specific time. Furthermore you can add an image, e. g. of your handwritten notes. You receive notifications where you can
directly mark the task as finished, not finished or you can reschedule your todo task list to remind you later. You can do this
all directly in the notification via the shortcut buttons without launching todo task list. To keep track of your tasks you can add an interactive, resizable
todo task list-widget to your home screen. In the widget you can directly mark tasks as finished, edit your tasks or create new ones.
Every task can be shared with several apps. In addition, you have the possibility to switch between themes to change the look of your todo task list.
ver. Todo Reminder Pro + Widget v1.2 (Paid) APK

2020-04-30 06:44:31


Todo Reminder Pro (Paid) Apk Todo Reminder Pro + Widget v1.2 (Paid) Update

Changelog for 2020-04-30 06:44:31

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