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Standard First Aid v6.1.2 (Premium)

Standard First Aid v6.1.2 (Premium)

Standard First Aid v6.1.2 (Premium) for Android

The Description Of Standard First Aid v6.1.2 (Premium)

The Redi-Videos Standard First Aid app is ideal for individuals and companies who require first aid training. Whether you work in a mine on an oil rig a factory or an office you and your employees can have the Standard First Aid knowledge on demand. This may become the most important app on your mobile device! This Standard First Aid course application is currently used by individuals and industry around the world.

This course is delivered in HD video and is narrated in English French German Spanish Hindi and Chinese by certified First Aid instructors in a non-technical manner. The content is easy to understand and is valuable information that everyone should know. An information quiz is included as well as a feature that allows quiz results to be forwarded to an administrator within their company.

All Topics include:
• The Role of the First Aider
• Checking the scene
• Infections
• Hand Sanitation
• Immunization
• Shock
• Hands Off Survey
• Breathing Emergencies
• Choking
• Heart Attack
• CPR: Adult Infant and Basic AED Use.
• Stroke
• Bleeding
• Cuts and Scrapes
• Head/Spine Injuries
• Amputations
• Musculoskeletal Injuries
• Splints and Slings
• Burns
• Diabetic Emergencies
• Seizures Convulsions
• Emergency Childbirth
• Cold Related: Frostnip Frostbite Hypothermia
• Heat Related: Cramps Exhaustion Heatstroke
• Swallowed Poisons
• Insect Bites and Stings
• Epi Pen Use

About us: RediVideos began as C.M.S Industries in 1987 manufacturing all types of emergency products for the North American market. About 10 years ago we began filming emergency training procedures and provided access to the content for customers that had purchased one or more of our products. The purpose was to allow them to learn utilizing both written instructions as well as visualization. Visualization reinforces cognition of the topic in a way that simply reading isn’t able to accomplish.

The video access provided with our kits was a success and as demand for mobile programs began growing we moved on to tablet and smartphone platforms as well as pc and laptops.

To see rest of the series find them in your app store or visit www.redivideos.com for live demonstrations and more information. Multiple license structures are available for your company or organization.

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