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Rysen Dawn v1.01 (Modded)

Rysen Dawn v1.01 (Modded)

Rysen Dawn v1.01 (Mod Apk) 鈥 DRIVE LINK for Android

The Description Of Rysen Dawn v1.01 (Modded)

In this game you'll play as RYSEN, he's a live streamer who telecast his parkour skills & getting revenue from it.

You have a chance to become popular live streaming parkour master.
Show your best parkour moves to your in-game followers.

Features & Highlights:
鈥 Next-Gen Mobile graphics.
鈥 Comfortable on-screen controllers.
鈥 Listen to your favourite music using in-game emote system.
鈥 You can Dance & do simple parkour trick using in-game emote system.
鈥 In-game Photo Mode.
鈥 Get sponsors for your live streams to earn in-game money.
鈥 You can run this game on 60FPS.

Photo Mode:
鈥creenshots are stored in InternalStorage/R-USER Games/RysenDawn/Screenshots
鈥esolutions doesn't affect your screenshots. Ex: If you take screenshot (using photo mode) in 30% resolution, It automatically convert it to 100% Resolution.

鈥tore your music in InternalStorage/R-USER Games/RysenDawn/Musics
鈥t can only load *.mp3 files.
鈥here will be a button to load music in top right after enabling headphones in emote wheel.
鈥ou must unlock and equip headphones before loading music.

Important Notes:
鈥 Android 10 & 11 doesn't support PhotoMode & Loading music externally!
鈥 At least 2GB ram.
鈥 If you get black-screen, grant all the needed permissions.

The purchase cost is 0

ver. Rysen Dawn v1.01 (Mod Apk) 鈥 DRIVE LINK APK
Rysen Dawn v1.01 (Modded)

2020-11-17 10:47:02



Rysen Dawn v1.01 (Modded) Rysen Dawn v1.01 (Mod Apk) 鈥 DRIVE LINK Update

Changelog for 2020-11-17 10:47:02

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