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Remixlive - Make Music & Beats v6.1.2 (Unlocked) (121 MB)

Remixlive - Make Music & Beats v6.1.2 (Unlocked) (121 MB)

Remixlive - Make Music & Beats v6.1.2 (Unlocked) for Android

The Description Of Remixlive - Make Music & Beats v6.1.2 (Unlocked) (121 MB)

Make pro tracks easily with Loops, Drum pads, and a Step-Sequencer.

Remixlive 6.1 is a simple, intuitive music composition and performance application.

The app includes loops and sequences automatically synchronized to the tempo on a 8x6 grid. With over 180 sound packs that include 48 loops, 48 samples, 48 sequences and a pre-made track, the app offers a wide selection of musical genres. In addition, new content is created every week. Try our 10 free packs right now!

"Remixlive 6.1 comes with double the number of loops and samples, support for MIDI controllers and a brand new Chromebook app. With the new Song Mode, create, edit and export your track."

All of our packs are royalty-free, which means you can share your recordings everywhere on social media!

Follow us on Instagram: @remixliveapp #remixliveapp

Let your creativity flow!

"A very intuitive way to make professional-sounding tracks on portable devices" - DJ Mag

"I could probably keep a crowd happy for an hour just with the supplied Deep House samples" - DJ Worx

鈥淭he new update completes Remixlive as a full external software / hardware drum computer. I would recommend this app for all level of electronic producers.鈥 - Nadia Struiwigh

"Remixlive combines a simple, intuitive interface with a large selection of sound edition options, a true pocket-size sound editing software." - Baja Frequencia


鈥reate, edit and play sequences the way you would do in desktop software such as Logic Pro X, Ableton Live or FL Studio.

鈥 very intuitive way to create your own unique patterns, melodies, rhythms, and tracks.


鈥ombine beats, drums, bass lines, melodies, vocals, and FXs from any genre to create your own tracks.

鈥lay live with the drumpads to add depth to your performances.

鈥hape your sound in real-time with many DJ-style FXs: beat repeat, filter, delay鈥

鈥ransfer your performances in any other music DAW: GarageBand, FL Studio, iMPC 鈥 or mix in a DJ app like Cross DJ, Djay鈥


鈥mport your own samples directly from your local library (MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, AIFF, 16/24 bits)

鈥dit your samples in Play mode (loop, one-shot, gate),Quantize, Gain, Pan, Loop Division, Reverse

鈥ecord your performance in high-quality鈥 AAC audio

鈥bleton Link: 鈥媠ync Remixlive with Cross DJ Pro, any Link-compatible iOS apps or with Ableton Live

鈥ontrol FXs, levels, filters, Mute/Solo and 3-band EQ on each channel

鈥ecord live input through the microphone and capture any sound, voice or instrument to implement in Remixlive.

鈥reate new packs by mixing and matching samples from existing packs.


The app offers Monthly and Yearly subscription plans that give you access to all sound packs and features.

Please go to our website for more information:

Terms of use: http://www.mixvibes.com/terms

Privacy policy: http://www.mixvibes.com/privacy

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Remixlive - Make Music & Beats v6.1.2 (Unlocked) (121 MB) Remixlive - Make Music & Beats v6.1.2 (Unlocked) Update

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