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Quran University v4.5.0 (83 MB)

Quran University v4.5.0 (83 MB)

Quran University v4.5.0 (QURAN) for Android

The Description Of Quran University v4.5.0 (83 MB)

Get all what you need for Quran in one app:
鈥 Reading Quran.
鈥 Listening to famous Quran reciters.
鈥 Studying Quran for the purpose of:
- Mastering Tilawah.
- Memorizing Quran, and revision.
鈥 1st & only program utilizing Asynchronous communication to overcome time barrier, where student & teacher don鈥檛 need to be online at the same time.
鈥 1st & Only Quran Software worldwide that marks the location of mistakes on Quran page, where such marks would be appended with teachers written & verbal comments.
鈥 With our free Quran LMS, you don鈥檛 need Skype nor any 3rd Party Software.
鈥 An electronic record for each student, tracks assignments & progress.
鈥 Choose between studying on your own, or under teacher supervision.
鈥 Continuous internet connectivity is not needed to study.
鈥 Contains a Quranic library to help you understand what you are reading & studying.
鈥 The app interface is translated to several languages.
鈥 Tajweed is taught with an innovative approach.
鈥 & so many other unique features
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Quran University v4.5.0 (...

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Quran University v4.5.0 (83 MB) Quran University v4.5.0 (QURAN) Update

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