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Home » NP Manager v3.1.8 (Official) + (VIP) Unlocked (36 MB)

NP Manager v3.1.8 (Official) + (VIP) Unlocked (36 MB)

NP Manager v3.1.8 (Official) + (VIP) Unlocked (36 MB)

NP Manager v3.1.8 (Official) for Android

The Description Of NP Manager v3.1.8 (Official) + (VIP) Unlocked (36 MB)

Function introduction:

● Conversion of Dex, Jar, and Smali files to and from each other;
● DEX file merging, splitting;
● Apk, DEX, JAR obfuscation and string encryption;
● Apk signing, coexistence, removing signature verification, dialog cancellation, removing VPN/proxy detection;
● RES resource obfuscation (support for custom dictionaries);
● PDF merging, encrypting, splitting, extracting, unrestricting encryption, deleting pages;
● Video transcoding, cutting, extracting audio/video streams, custom audio/video operations;
● Folder transcoding GBKUTF-8;
● SO file to view character constants;
● Apk reinforcement judgment, Dex editing (batch deletion of classes);
● High compatibility string encryption (Apk, dex);
● Toolbox (common string conversions, such as base64, des, md5, decimal, Unicode, whitewashing, etc.);
● Smali file to Java;
● Add Xposed detection with one click, add pop-up windows and dialog boxes with one click;
● AXML decompile/backcompile, ARSC file view character constants;
● One-click LOG injection, one-click removal of all pop-up windows (Toast);
● One-click injection string decryption LOG, Dex file to change the package name;
● Multiple Apk string encryption schemes (recommended string encryption in control flow obfuscation);
● Add banned screenshots with one click, add Apk crash logging with one click;
● XML text code formatting;
● DEX file view character constants;
● Apk Super Obfuscation 3.0 - High efficiency direct to DEX confusion, support obfuscation of four major components, support multi-DEX;
● Apk function - DEX obfuscation confrontation;
● Dex Edit Plus (supports searching, editing Smali and viewing character constants);
● Support Smali, Java, AXML and other in-editor syntax highlighting;
● One-click extraction of Dex obfuscated dictionary and encryption of resource IDs in Dex;
● Apk alignment optimization;
● Dex batch repair;
● Super version removes signature verification;
● Encrypted protection of assets and RES resources;
● DEX file comparison;
● Text file comparison;
● Decompiling class files and jar packages;
● Apk function - control flow obfuscation 5.0 - high efficiency full encryption string, method hiding, encryption resource ID, instruction substitution, DEX optimization, reflection protection, flattening, etc.;
● DEX function-property viewing;
● Smali syntax queries;
● Smali Execution Flowchart View (Editor - > Navigation - > Long Press Method Name - >View Flowchart)
● Smali method CodeOffset size viewing (editor-> navigation);
● Smali method IR viewing (editor-> navigation);
● Svg and android vectorDrawable XML – interchange and preview functions (multi-select batch);
● JSON file visualization, formatting, checksuming, compression, escaping, and XML conversion;
● NPMan, a network interface test tool, supports common network request testing and ping testing; Support reading request files request.hcy and request_body.bin saved by HttpCanary; support uploading binary files as request body;
● Apk-VM protection, support configuration annotations and class name method name rules;
● Apk-Res anti-obfuscation;
● Support control flow obfuscation of Jar or Dex files separately;
● Apk-Dex string decryption;
● Control flow - anti-string one-click decryption;
● Support Apks and Xapk files to Apk files;
● Support for Arsc file editing;
● Support Apk pseudo-encryption and anti-pseudo-encryption;
● Apk-Dex2C;
● screen eyedropper;
● Screen ruler;
● PDF to Word/PPT/Excel/Long Image, Word to PDF/Long Image, etc.;
● Apk function extracts shell;
● Apk-arsc translation;
● Apk comparison, AndroidManifest .xml comparison.

It's a File Manager like "MT Manager" and supports English*

Common crash causes:
● Rooted devices have a high probability of crashing
● Rooted device has not given a root access
● There is no network (you might have to launch it offline, in case the UI doesn't show up, but a white screen instead, a few Force Stops might also be necessary)
● The phone has a VPN or Proxy/Custom DNS turned on

Note: The interface language changes according to the default device language.

Mod Features:
- Signature killed by slxsh
- VPN detection removed by slxsh
- Integrity checks removed by slxsh
- Region block removed by slxsh
- Trackers removed by PR033X
- No hooks or third-party patches used

• Vip Features Unlock (Server-side features not working) (By MiyasSoCute & Ali)
 - Some VIP Features Can Work Without Server-Side

What's New: 
Optimize control flow obfuscation 7.0–compatible with new instructions of dex037 and above versions;
Optimize Smali syntax query;
Optimize some UI display;
Fix a bug of server Jar2Dex;
Fix a bug of Dex2Jar;
Modify the font size of the file list according to the system change.

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More Info:

ver. NP Manager v2.9.1 (Untouched) APK

2021-01-26 22:11:49

ver. NP Manager v2.9.3 (Latest) APK

2021-01-29 23:51:11

ver. NP Manager v2.9.3 (Latest) . APK

2021-01-29 23:51:49

ver. NP Manager v2.9.4 (Latest) APK

2021-02-01 00:34:32

ver. NP Manager v2.9.5 (Latest) APK

2021-02-06 13:55:53

ver. NP Manager v2.9.6 (Apk Editor) APK

2021-02-10 16:25:23

ver. NP Manager v2.9.9 (Apk Editor) APK

2021-02-18 15:54:26

ver. NP Manager v3.0.2 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2021-03-10 17:16:12

ver. NP Manager v3.0.3 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2021-03-11 13:17:45

ver. NP Manager v3.0.11 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2021-05-24 11:18:20

ver. NP Manager v3.0.12 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2021-06-01 19:36:53

ver. NP Manager v3.0.15 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2021-06-08 02:36:59

ver. NP Manager v3.0.18 (Apk Editor Studio) (33.5 MB) APK

2021-06-15 02:58:07

ver. NP Manager v3.0.21 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2021-06-21 00:48:56

ver. NP Manager v3.0.25 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2021-07-30 03:53:16

ver. NP Manager v3.0.32 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2021-09-22 03:22:01

ver. NP Manager v3.0.33 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2021-11-08 00:50:04

ver. NP Manager v3.0.34 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2021-12-02 01:33:37

ver. NP Manager v3.0.35 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2021-12-20 18:09:31

ver. NP Manager v3.0.37 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2021-12-25 23:48:08

ver. NP Manager v3.0.38 (Untouched) APK

2022-05-17 19:38:51

ver. NP Manager v3.0.39 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2022-06-08 23:32:18

ver. NP Manager v3.0.40 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2022-06-29 02:29:51

ver. NP Manager v3.0.57 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2022-10-31 15:26:41

ver. NP Manager v3.0.58 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2022-11-12 09:57:18

ver. NP Manager v3.0.64 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2023-03-31 18:15:48

ver. NP Manager v3.0.66 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2023-04-30 23:08:12

ver. NP Manager v3.0.67 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2023-05-17 19:12:30

ver. NP Manager v3.0.68 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2023-05-23 03:47:45

ver. NP Manager v3.0.76 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2023-08-16 02:00:28

ver. NP Manager v3.0.78 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2023-10-01 00:41:18

ver. NP Manager v3.0.84 (Apk Editor Studio) APK

2023-12-20 15:44:11

ver. NP Manager v3.0.84 MOD APK (VIP) Unlocked APK

2024-01-12 11:02:22

ver. NP Manager v3.0.89 (Official) APK

2024-01-26 14:43:01

ver. NP Manager v3.0.97 (Official) APK

2024-03-18 15:13:33

ver. NP Manager v3.1.2 (Official) APK

2024-04-06 04:01:59

ver. NP Manager v3.1.8 (Official) APK

2024-05-03 23:34:58


NP Manager v3.1.8 (Official) + (VIP) Unlocked (36 MB) NP Manager v3.1.8 (Official) Update

Changelog for 2024-05-03 23:34:58

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