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NetKeeper v1.2.4 (Full) (Paid) (All Versions)

NetKeeper v1.2.4 (Full) (Paid) (All Versions)

NetKeeper v1.2.4 (Full) (Paid) for Android

The Description Of NetKeeper v1.2.4 (Full) (Paid) (All Versions)

Capture SSL packets via VPN and save it automatically, without root, super easy.

This app is used to capture http and https packets via VPN service, it can DECODE and SAVE the captured data automatically and easily. It's super useful for Android developers while debugging, and it can also be helpful for general users to save your browsing history including pictures.


1. Capture http and https packets IN NO TIME, then save these information automatically.

2. No need to root.

3. Decode GZIP, CHUNK and even IMAGES!

4. Open source.

5. Decode https packets using man-in-the-middle technique.

6.The floating window feature allows you to view the results of the capture and use the app at the same time.

7.Capture Audio

8.Capture Video

9.search capture result

10.category data

11.parse udp data

Because of the system limit from Android 6.0,some app may not use the internet. Here are some advices:

1.Specify the apps or hosts your want to capture.

2.If you want to  debug your app ,modify  manifest file according to https://developer.android.com/training/articles/security-config.html.

HAVE A TRY! You won't be disappointed!

NetKeeper v1.2.4 (Full) (Paid) (All Versions) NetKeeper v1.2.4 (Full) (Paid) Update

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