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My Notes 鈥 Notepad v2.0.2 (Premium) (Unlocked) (3 MB)

My Notes 鈥 Notepad v2.0.2 (Premium) (Unlocked) (3 MB)

My Notes 鈥 Notepad v2.0.2 (Premium) (Unlocked) for Android

The Description Of My Notes 鈥 Notepad v2.0.2 (Premium) (Unlocked) (3 MB)

My Notes - Notepad is an easy-to-use, intuitive, fast, elegant and secure notepad with cloud syncing. You can use My Notes as a notepad, notebook, journal, agenda or diary.

Key Features:
- App lock (Password or PIN + Fingerprint)
- Save, browse, search and share notes on your smartphone and tablet
- Organize notes by folders
- Sort notes by date created, date updated, title and folder
- Add reminders
- Manage folders
- Navigate between notes in a horizontal position
- Manage backups
- Export (Text file and HTML)
- Sync notes via Google Drive between all Android devices you use
- Keep your notes safe in the cloud
- Store and display thousands of notes without any performance penalty
- Store large notes
- Dark theme
- Theme color
- Widgets
- English language

Premium Features:
- No ads
- Sync options > Auto sync *
- Backup > Preview
- Backup > Export > Text file and HTML

* Manual sync also works in the free version

Please remember to use the "Sync" option or the "Backup" option (in this app) to avoid accidental data loss. Especially before updating the app.

Sync details:
App data is stored in a hidden folder on your Google Drive. This folder is accessible only by "My Notes - Notepad" app. Although the folder is hidden you can see the amount of space it occupies and delete its contents.
1. Go to Google Drive on the web at "drive.google.com".
2. From the settings menu, select "Manage Apps".
3. Find the app called "KreoSoft - My Notes".


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