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Moca Film (AdFree) Apk

Moca Film (AdFree) Apk

Moca Film v2.0 [Ad-Free] Cracked for Android

The Description Of Moca Film (AdFree) Apk

Moca Film HD apk is an android application that offers movies and tv shows. Search through the listings and categories of movies and tv shows, to find your favorite movies, latest tv show, highly rated movies, and tv shows. With Moca film, you can cast to any device you want, as this app allows casting to any android device.


The interface is very easy to use and even though it looks basic it is easy to navigate menus ect.


  • Custom subtitles with many languages for many movie titles.
  • Adjust font size and position, time-sync for subtitle.
  • Multi-view mode: Fit, Fixed Width, Fixed Height, Fill, Zoom.
  • A one-click play to start your streaming your content.


Moca Film HD apk provides you with many great movies all around the world. Moca Film has a wonderful design. The movies are served very fast and Support multi-language in the subtitle. This app gives you an existing movie and delivers quality shows with the best videos. Moca Film is one of the best applications that you can get for free without registration. This application is very easy to download with a very small size. You can get more movies in this app, perfect and wonderful movies, much more category movies in here. Download this app and check your favorite movies.


As of writing i did a couple of searches and found what i wanted instantly. I typed home alone in the box and it found all versions and played with no issues.

Please Note

With some devices, you might need to press the PLAY BUTTON twice and then it will start almost instantly. It has also been known that this app will not work on every device past Android 7 and you may get stuck at the bootup menu if you run into this problem i suggest you try HDmovies Bing.


If you are looking for a 1 click alternative to this then HDmovies Bing might be the better choice not only does it work on more devices but it is a little faster too.

AdFree Version

ver. Moca Film v2.0 [Ad-Free] Cracked APK

2020-05-12 19:19:01


Moca Film (AdFree) Apk Moca Film v2.0 [Ad-Free] Cracked Update

Changelog for 2020-05-12 19:19:01

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