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1. Division of things. Including single items.
2. Craft and construction without resources.
3. Points in plus.
4. All drawings are available immediately.
5. Coins in plus.
6. Strength of weapons and equipment. (Full)
7. Fast travel on the map
8. Maximum health
9. First-aid kits do not end
10.Horse in your camp (New)
11.Permanent events and events, raiders on the map (New)
Westland Survival v0.10.1 (Mod Apk) Survive as a Cowboy in the Wild West and become the rule of law! Survive in this Western themed MMORPG, explore the life of a Lone Star ranger and fight robbers, trade with American Natives, set traps and duel in a Mexican standoff! 
★ Build your own Wild West ranch 
★ Fight gangsters with pistols and rifles 
★ Wood logging, mining, deer hunting 
★ Craft new equipment and items 
★ Raise horse mounts and tame wild animals


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