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RIVER RAFT 2019 RIVER RAFT 2019 v0.12 (Mod Apk) The boat race games “RIVER RAFT – boat & canoe race simulator” – the first mobile and unique boat & canoe race simulator *(sports race games, river descent by boat, ship, raft, canoe, kajak (kajak)). Plunge into the world of extreme kayaking, conquering mountain rivers in the game with realistic physics and impressive graphics. Even if you are far from boat games, races, boating, rafting or kayaking and have never struggled with river currents, this game will keep you in suspense from the first minute. In boat game “RIVER RAFT – boat & canoe race simulator” you are waiting for real-life rivers, beautiful locations, real boats, rafts, canoes, kayaks (kajak) and even a wooden raft of logs, created on the basis of real-life models – the game is made at the most realistic level. This is the first kayaking game in which water is implemented dynamically, which means that you are waiting for complex currents, rapids, dangerous waves, splashes, whirlpools and water flows. Even the river bed can change during the passage. Racing, extreme, adrenaline, beautiful nature and excitement of boat control – in the boat game “RIVER RAFT – boat & canoe race simulator”. Features are not limited to water physics unique game, beautiful graphics and addictive mechanics.


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