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The Max Payne became one of my all-time favorites because it introduced the gaming world to bullet time. the slow-motion bullet busting action that has since been copied but has never felt quite as good as it did in Max Payne Mobile APK MOD. Max Payne Mobile APK MOD has been updated after 5 years. Its now supports all devices,resolutions and fixes so many bugs. Its time to complete the game again on Android devices.

The story is that max is a cop whose family is murdered and he goes undercover and then ends up getting framed for killing his friend. it’s all downhill from there if you’ve not played the game before it’s a dark and gritty story that should not be missed. the story is told through small animated comic book style cut-scenes and its really awesome even 15 years later as far as the gameplay is concerned, this is pretty much a direct port of the console version.


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