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Unlimited skill points; initial gold 25252525
Horrorfield v0.25 (Mod Apk) Horror survival for several players. 
W arning: The game is in the early access (pre-alpha version) 
You will playing in real-time with other live players, to determine who will die today, and who will be saved and will live
7 unique maniacs, each with their own skills and unique hunting style. 
7 unique victims with different abilities and specializations. 
Enclosed space, with traps, hiding places and objects
The task of the victims, acting cohesively together to escape from a variety of locations. You’ll have to hide, help each other, use and combine different skills and items. 
Maniac task is simple – find and kill all. He is one, and many of the victims. But he is strong and invulnerable. Nearly. 
At the time, early access and beta testing the game is completely free


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