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1. 2800 Keys
2. Anticheat Bypass
3. No Disconnects
4. No Ads
★ Note: This Anticheat bypass mean only the Ban System from the Apk / Clientside. When you abuse the Mod hard, the Dev’s will see it.
Note: Play careful, they wrote something like they want to improve their Security and that every User can play Fair ( Fair in this p2w Game, how funny )
FarmVille 2: Country Escape Apk v12.2.3719 Mod.New FarmVille experience has been optimized for mobile devices now in service! FarmVille’s special shape for you and your playing style. Perhaps the best of these; free! Whether 30 seconds, whether 30 minutes; do farming at their own pace. Want your friends to our new Anonymous Mode, or play their own: Facebook is not required. You can play even when not connected to the Internet. Whether a farm trade item shared by participating in the Cooperative continued to finding rare items and Ranch Adventure. Always and everywhere you can play Farmville.


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