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Erich Sann :Scary haunted house & horror game v1.4.7.1 (Mod Apk) You’ll become the hero of a creepy game of survival in a spooky school of music in your neighborhood: After having moved to a new place, you notice that your dark apartment is just opposite to an abandoned and haunted school of music.
Soon you will find that that enormous scary mansion in our neighborhood is not as abandoned as it seems … Each night, an scary violin melody that awakes you, hypnotize your eyes in the scariest house and strikes you can be heard as a siren’s song. But behind its walls, a sinister breath can be felt. (Erich Sann, your neighbor feel like a zombie, with blood in hands, maybe a survival of a recent zombie plague?
Although you have been told that everyone that gets in the dark school and tries to steal the violin never goes out, you decide to listen that violin even closer and get it. 
Here is where your adventure of terror will start, your fun creepy game.
Find the violin or the hostage and get off the school as fast as you can, your granny could be more faster! To accomplish that, explore the rooms, resolve different missions and avoid to make noise or you’ll be found by the old musician.


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