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If you do not need a stupid bot, then install the mod, start the game, wait for the main menu to be displayed, then set the original without deleting anything.

Erich Sann :Scary haunted house & horror game v1.9.9 (Mod Apk) You’ll become the hero of a creepy game of survival in a spooky school of music in your neighborhood: After having moved to a new place, you notice that your dark apartment is just opposite to an abandoned and haunted school of music.

Soon you will find that that enormous scary mansion in our neighborhood is not as abandoned as it seems … Each night, an scary violin melody that awakes you, hypnotize your eyes in the scariest house and strikes you can be heard as a siren’s song. But behind its walls, a sinister breath can be felt. (Erich Sann, your neighbor feel like a zombie, with blood in hands, maybe a survival of a recent zombie plague? ?)

Although you have been told that everyone that gets in the dark school and tries to steal the violin never goes out, you decide to listen that violin even closer and get it.
Here is where your adventure of terror will start, your fun creepy game.

Find the violin or the hostage and get off the school as fast as you can, your granny could be more faster! To accomplish that, explore the rooms, resolve different missions and avoid to make noise or you’ll be found by the old musician.

★ A challenge of survival completely different in each of this puzzle horror game.
★ Available ghost mode for explore the haunted house ?
★ Smooth first-person controls for rescue the spooky hostage in the prison in this horror game
★ Take care about Erich Sann could be more agressive than granny one
★ Differents weapons to help us in accomplish the game
★ Try extreme mode! It can cost you your life! ? its not easy our scary game.
★ Rescue the prisoner from the prison in the dungeon and escape the room of the spooky game.

Download it for free, put your Eyes in the horror game about Erich Sann and the Violin!!
Who is Erich? A zombie musician? A neighbor ghost musician? It seems with this blood in his hands.

You should give the best of you to escape the room alive from the dark school of horror.
A school of music, a valuable violin, a mysterious musician … escape from it if you can!! If you survive to this adventure of terror, rate the game and send us your comments to improve our free game, we are updating with more puzzles to improve our spooky game

We are still developing the end ??‍♂️, each week a new release to unlock a new bolt and get the violin! We love scary games!


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