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1. High Damage
2. Weapons Stability 100%
3. Unlimited Weapons Power
4. Unlimited Weapons Magazine
5. Unlimited Weapons Capacity
6. Unlimited I.R. ENERGIZER/Batteries
7. Unlimited INFRARED Time
8. Manual 5 Shots Without Reload
9. Level Up On Any Accomplished Mission
10. Unlimited Storm Shells
11. Unlimited Chrono Drinks
12. Unlimited Bucks
13. Unlimited Gold
14. Unlimited Crystals
15. Unlimited Ammo
16. Unlimited Energy
17. Energy Cost 0
18. Verify Signature Bypass
19. Damage Hit Multiplier
20. Fast Reload/No Reload
21. Animals/Dinos Speed Set To Less Than A Half
22. No Recoil
23. Dll Protection Bypass
24. Unlimited Bucks Rewards
25. Unlimited Bucks Rewards On Dinos Shot:
– Heart Shot
– Lungs Shot
– Body Shot
– Head Shot
– Tail Shot
– Neck Shot
– Brain Shot
26. Faster Shot From One To Another
27. Cheat Detection Removed/Disabled
28. Root Detection Removed/Disabled
29. One-Hit-Kill In Some Missions
30. Unlimited Weapon Capacity
31. Unlimited Weapon Reload Capacity
DINO HUNTER: DEADLY SHORES (MOD, unlimited money) - very addictive 3D action, in which you will hunt for the most real dinosaurs that inhabited our planet millions of years ago. Take more weapons into your hands and show all your skills. Track down the prey and attack when it does not expect it, but be careful, because even a hunter can become a meal. The game has a large variety of animals and weapons, which you will open as you progress through the game. A quality graphics will conquer even the most malicious lovers of beautiful pictures.


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