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Dead Outbreak: Zombie Plague Apocalypse Survival v1.3 Mod Apk During a research on vaccines in the biotech labs, a deadly virus has developed that have mutated humans into zombies. The virus is spreading fast. It has caused a zombie to outbreak in the area. Elle is a survivor in the dead outbreak with her daughter Anna. Anna has been bitten, it is just a matter of time that her daughter will turn into a zombie. She is on a mission to enter biotech laboratory in order to search for antidote. 
Zombie Apocalypse has begun with a pandemic is spreading, and people are starting to mutate into walking dead. The streets are occupied with deadly creatures and you will need to survive this dead anarchy. Can you figure out a way to find antidote? You will experience zombie assault in one of best top down shooters to save your daughter, and nation, or existing zombies will mutate everyone else into walkers. Challenge yourself in zombie apocalypse world by shooting every walking dead in your way.


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