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Saves created with lots of lids and items;
You can make purchases even if you don’t have enough covers;
Free purchases for real money (namely, those positions where nil is written).
If you do not need a mod, then just do not use its capabilities.
Mod only run with the Internet on! Otherwise, the store section will be empty

Day R Survival – Apocalypse, Lone Survivor and RPG v1.645 Mod Apk How to survive in post-apocalyptic world destroyed by nuclear war and avoid radiation? How to stay alive in rpg games online? Tell after role playing game in Day R survival online!
Radiation, hunger and disease are all around you. You have to cross the entire country and save your family after nuclear war. Who knows if they are even alive, or if radiation and the deadly virus have already reached them? Uncover the secret of the apocalypse and regain your memories during a walking across the huge territory of the USSR in the 1980s.
Surviving after the apocalypse isn’t easy. You’ll have to face the real hunger games and dead characters! Monsters, thirst, countless pandemic diseases and injuries, blood-thirsty enemies – you have to fight it all in survival strategy games. Craft all your resources: weapons, clothes, and transport.


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