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1. Weak Enemies ( Work in Story Mode Only )
2. Enemies Can’t Move ( All Mode )
3. Enemies Can’t Attack ( All Mode )
4. Enemies No Have Energy ( All Mode )
5. Unlimited Stamina ( All Mode ) —> New Features
Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team En v2.7.0 Mod Apk The all-new Captain Tsubasa mobile game is now available!
Pick your favourite players, create your own unique dream team, and battle it out against other users from around the world!
Incredible Special Skills for that authentic “Captain Tsubasa” experience!
Tsubasa Ozora’s Drive Shot… Kojiro Hyuga’s Tiger Shot… All the different special skills from the original series are recreated in stunning 3D! You won’t want to miss the character cut-ins and voices, either!
Intense Matches
The game controls are optimized for smartphones, creating a smooth, intuitive, and stress-free play experience! Compete with other teams to become master of the pitch and conquer the world of football!
Re-experience the original story in Story Mode!
Experience the thrill of the original series once more in Story Mode! Take yourself back to Tsubasa’s middle school days and relive some nostalgic memories!


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