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– Currency Bonus if you Buy or Sell a.) 
+50k Gold b.) 
+5k CC
Call of Chaos v1.1.54 Mod Apk A mobile RPG with engrossing PvP gameplay! 
– Steal player items with PvP while freely hunting in dungeons 
– Features unconfined hunting in wide open-field dungeons 
– Take risks to craft rare items with the item upgrade system 
– Gear up with the best items to take on other players in PvP play 
– Win the opponents’ items as a prize in winning PvP combat! 
– Move away from predictable PvP combat 
– it is up to the player to decide what to do upon meeting another player while hunting. 
– Bored with constant grinding? Use the auto-hunt function to hunt even when off-line.


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