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Open the cheat menu and hit it. 
*The enemy and the two are both, when it is our turn, turn it on again
Ash of Gods: Tactics v0.9.5-376 (Mod Apk) I remember the day when the blazing star struck the ground. Thousands of humans were killed, once prosperous countries were destroyed and cities were reduced to ruins… It was long ago. Cities were builded again and humans returned to their peaceful lifes. But I know that the Reaping is coming.
The world of Terminum is on the edge of war. I feel it. A lot of blood will be shed. They are coming. And death follows them. 
But there’s hope yet. A chance to change the grim fate. I don’t want to see this world perishes. And I need your help in this difficult and dangerous adventure. Will you join me?


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