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Free Translation, Pic & APP Translator – TransNow v1.0.0.14 (VIP) (Unlocked)

Free Translation, Pic & APP Translator – TransNow v1.0.0.14 (VIP) (Unlocked)

Free Translation, Pic & APP Translator – TransNow v1.0.0.14 (VIP) (Unlocked) for Android

The Description Of Free Translation, Pic & APP Translator – TransNow v1.0.0.14 (VIP) (Unlocked)

Have you ever worked on foreign business or chatted with a foreign friend but have trouble with some local expressions? Are you in need of getting any language translation to overcome language barrier while travelling abroad?
When it comes to the need for translation, TransNow enables you to translate any language within one app and there is no need opening the browser for Google translate or Yandex translate, or paying for one hour translation or any online translation service.

Tired of type each words/sentences for translation? Advanced features including translation ball, voice translator,camera translator, etc are all available on TransNow. Download and Explore!

β˜…Camera Translator/File Translator - Scan and Translate
No need to type words or convert files, smart OCR feature helps you to scan text with your camera and translate text or files, including doc, odf, pdf, ppt, etc without needs of transfer files format or input text manually.
So no matter you want to translate from a book, a board, on any item or from online files, you could use your camera to scan and translate anytime.

β˜… Voice Translator - Input Your Voice and Translate
TransNow with high-tech speech recognition could translate voice from over 100 languages, including English, Hindi, Germany and Korean. Speak into your phone and TransNow will first translate voice to text (voice typing) and then read the translation result aloud through the text-to-voice feature.

β˜… Floating Ball Translation
Variety of social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp are now popular among young people to make friends online. TransNow enables you to translate within the social apps when you're chatting with foreign friends. Drag the translation floating ball onto any text, you could both translate the text of the speech bubbles and input boxes. Floating ball translation can be also applied to web-page or any file translate.

β˜… All Language Supported
TransNow smartly detects source language and supports around 100 universal language, including Arabic to English translate, English to French translate, Germany to Dutch translate and 100+ other local language translation.The smart translation app is signified for translation from Chinese to English, , English to Hindi, Swedish to French, Arabic to English, English to Dutch, etc.

β˜…Travel Abroad
TransNow helps you break language barrier to better enjoy trip and integrate into the local culture when you're travelling abroad.
β˜…Foreign Business
When you are conducting international business meetings, or on a business trip abroad, TransNow will have you covered.
β˜…Language Learning
Getting command of several foreign language makes yourself more competitive. You could learn any language your like and add words or phrases into your personal list to review them anytime, which will help you better pick up a foreign language.

We are trying our best to improve user experience. Suggestions are always welcome and please email at [email protected] for any ideas.

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Free Translation, Pic & APP Translator – TransNow v1.0.0.14 (VIP) (Unlocked) Free Translation, Pic & APP Translator – TransNow v1.0.0.14 (VIP) (Unlocked) Update

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