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Exousia v3.0 (Ad-Frre)

Exousia v3.0 (Ad-Frre)

Exousia v3.0 (Ad-Frre) for Android

The Description Of Exousia v3.0 (Ad-Frre)

Exousia is a project by Inside4ndroid which simply searches / scrapes the public domain for information and media then presents those results in a more useable and practicle mannor for android devices.
The application is compatible with most external media players but for the very best results it is recommended to use mxplayer as your player for any content.
The app is brought to by Inside4ndroid with the help of a team of testers who are credited within the application.
Please see the about/help section of the app for usage instructions.

ver. Exousia v3.0 (Ad-Frre) APK

2020-07-18 17:26:06


Exousia v3.0 (Ad-Frre) Exousia v3.0 (Ad-Frre) Update

Changelog for 2020-07-18 17:26:06

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