Home » DAVx⁵ – CalDAV/CardDAV Client v3.3.8-gplay (Full) (Paid) + (All Versions) (9.4 MB)

DAVx⁵ – CalDAV/CardDAV Client v3.3.8-gplay (Full) (Paid) + (All Versions) (9.4 MB)

DAVx⁵ – CalDAV/CardDAV Client v3.3.8-gplay (Full) (Paid) + (All Versions) (9.4 MB)

DAVx⁵ – CalDAV/CardDAV Client v3.3.8-gplay (Full) (Paid) for Android

The Description Of DAVx⁵ – CalDAV/CardDAV Client v3.3.8-gplay (Full) (Paid) + (All Versions) (9.4 MB)

Synchronize and manage contacts, calendars and tasks over CalDAV/CardDAV

If you're encountering problems please contact us: [email protected] or have a look at our forums: https://www.davx5.com/forums/ instead of down-voting the app so that we can provide support.

DAVx⁵ (formerly known under a different name) is the only all-in-one synchronization solution for your contacts (CardDAV),calendars (CalDAV) and your tasks (based on VTODO). The app is easy to set up and integrates perfectly with your favorite calendar/contacts app (including default apps). It can also be used seperately, if you either have CalDAV, CardDAV or only Tasks.

Compatible with almost every CalDAV/CardDAV servers and services, including Nextcloud, iCloud and Synology!

After installing, you can add a DAVx⁵ account from within the app. See https://www.davx5.com/tested-with/ for help. For more information, please see the manual: https://www.davx5.com/manual/, the FAQ: https://www.davx5.com/faq/ and our forums: https://www.davx5.com/forums/

Key features:

⊛ Sync your DAV calendars (CalDAV) and address-books (CardDAV) and Tasks in a single app

⊛ Two-way synchronization (server ↔ client)

⊛ Native Android 4+ implementation

⊛ Flawless integration with your device and favorite apps

⊛ Easy setup (resource auto-detection, support for self-signed certificates, authentication by client certificates)

⊛ Fast algorithms for high performance (CTag/ETag, limit sync time range for past events)

⊛ Optimized for phones and tablets

⊛ Super-secure and we respect your privacy!

⊛ DAVx⁵ is completely open source

Important compatibility notes

Attention: DAVx⁵ must not be moved to the SD card! This will cause strange behaviour, including account and data loss.

Get the best out of this app …

⊛ … when using with your own DAV server (Radicale, DAViCal, SabreDAV, Baikal, …) and HTTPS – so you own and control all your data while having the comfort of synchronization between various devices. Or use a hosted DAV service you trust or the one of your company.

⊛ … and combine it with Evolution / Thunderbird / etc. on your computer

Successfully tested with:

⊛ 1CRM



⊛ AOL Mail

⊛ Baïkal

⊛ Bitrix24

⊛ Calendar and Contacts Server

⊛ cPanel

⊛ Cyrus IMAP

⊛ DAViCal

⊛ DavMail Gateway

⊛ Daylite


⊛ EGroupware

⊛ Fastmail

⊛ fruux


⊛ Group Office

⊛ Hetzner KonsoleH

⊛ Horde

⊛ IceWarp

⊛ iCloud

⊛ Kerio Connect

⊛ Kolab Now

⊛ Kopano

⊛ luckycloud

⊛ macOS Server




⊛ Mailfence

⊛ MDaemon

⊛ Nextcloud

⊛ openCRX

⊛ Oracle Beehive

⊛ Oracle Communications UCS

⊛ ownCloud

⊛ OwnCube

⊛ Posteo

⊛ Radicale

⊛ SmarterMail

⊛ SOGo

⊛ Synology DSM

⊛ Teambox

⊛ Tine 2.0

⊛ T-Online


⊛ Xandikos

⊛ Yahoo Mail! (calendar only)

⊛ Yandex

⊛ Zimbra

⊛ Zoho

⊛ … and many others: https://www.davx5.com/tested-with/.

DAVx⁵ – CalDAV/CardDAV Client v3.3.8-gplay (Full) (Paid) + (All Versions) (9.4 MB) DAVx⁵ – CalDAV/CardDAV Client v3.3.8-gplay (Full) (Paid) Update

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