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Daily Supplications PRO v2.4.5 (Full) (Paid)

Daily Supplications PRO v2.4.5 (Full) (Paid)

Daily Supplications PRO v2.4.5 (Full) (Paid) for Android

The Description Of Daily Supplications PRO v2.4.5 (Full) (Paid)

Enjoy Daily Supplications without ads and without limit to audio playing!

Daily Supplications PRO enables you to read and listen to more than 300 different islamic duaas everyday. It also features prayer times, Hijri date, qibla and custom reminders to give you the right supplication at the right time.

Main features :

β€’ Duaas and Hadiths to read everyday with counters to help you keep track of what you've read (click on the counter each time you read a supplication. The app will save the number of times you've read a supplication and reset the counters at midnight).
β€’ Supplications to read on special occasions.
β€’ Reminder for fasting supplications when Maghrib prayer in Ramadhan.
β€’ The app can help you read and finish the Quran during Ramadhan.
β€’ Supplications' audio. The audio can be downloaded and cached for offline playback (read a supplication the first time with internet, so that it is cached for offline playback later).
β€’ Transliteration for all the supplications.
β€’ References for all the supplications.
β€’ Translation for all the supplications (can be enabled from the settings).
β€’ Widget for daily supplications.
β€’ The possibility to mark supplications as favorite so you can find them easily.
β€’ A search functionality to find the right supplication in no time.
β€’ Alarms to remind you of your daily supplications (these alarms can be deactivated from the settings).
β€’ Custom reminders to help you do your important tasks (read sourat AlKahf every Friday or fast on Mondays and Thursdays for example) or to remind you of a certain supplication at a certain time.
β€’ Salat times with auto calculation depending on your location (you can choose your city offline or by GPS).
β€’ Notifications at Salat times with the possibility to choose from different athans.
β€’ Qibla.
β€’ Quran.
β€’ Islamic Calendar (Hijri Date) with the different Islamic events.

The App, the adhkars and duaas are entirely translated to English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Arabic.

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Daily Supplications PRO v2.4.5 (Full) (Paid) Daily Supplications PRO v2.4.5 (Full) (Paid) Update

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