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Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.8 (Full) (Paid) (19 MB)

Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.8 (Full) (Paid) (19 MB)

Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.8 (Full) (Paid) for Android

The Description Of Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.8 (Full) (Paid) (19 MB)

Blitzer.de turns your smartphone into the perfect speed camera alert system! Receive mobile speedcam alerts in real time and be warned against all fixed speed cameras worldwide.

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[鉁擼Landscape mode, simply turn your smartphone 90掳
[鉁擼Even faster updates in case of software bugs
[鉁擼Support for Widget and Multi-Windows
[鉁擼New features will always be available in the PLUS version first

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Install Blitzer.de for free now and be part of the large community of over 5 million participants all over the world.

Review: http://goo.gl/8nFtC


+ Real time alerts of mobile radar traps
+ More than 47,000 fixed speedcams worldwide from SCDB.info
+ Directional alerts for all fixed speedcams
+ Automatic updates every 5 minutes
+ Visual and acoustic warnings
+ Indication of device type and of legal speed limit
+ Simple alert function
+ Online/offline mode
+ Locations of fixed speedcams checked on site
+ Listening and radar view
+ Distance and direction of speedcam indicated

System requirements:
- Android operating system 2.x or higher
- Internet access for online updates (flat rate recommended)
- Internal GPS
ver. Blitzer.de PLUS v3.3.2 (Paid) APK
Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.8 (F...

2020-11-28 19:59:00


ver. Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.1 (Full) (Paid) APK
Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.8 (F...

2020-12-12 12:42:40


ver. Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.7 (Full) (Paid) APK
Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.8 (F...

2021-03-24 15:48:05


ver. Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.8 (Full) (Paid) APK
Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.8 (F...

2021-05-03 01:49:00



Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.8 (Full) (Paid) (19 MB) Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.8 (Full) (Paid) Update

Changelog for 2021-05-03 01:49:00

Blitzer.de PLUS v3.7.8 (Full) (Paid) (19 MB) Additional Information

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