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With this wps app you can check the security of Wi-Fi networks by testing the WPS protocol and test it with wps connect function
What is the WPS protocol?
The WPS protocol is a simple way to establish a connection between a device and a router by exchanging a PIN.
Instead of having to know the WEP WPA or WPA2 key that can be long and complicated with the WPS protocol we will only have to send the router a PIN which is a numerical code with only 8 digits.
When the router receives that PIN if it is correct it sends the device all the data it needs to connect to the network and by magic and without the need to know the key of the WIFI network the device will connect.
Easy truth?
Well yes very easy too much so much that it is a huge security hole because it is not the same to have to decipher a WIFI key than an 8-digit code.
Does this application decrypt that code?
The answer is no. Although it would take much less time to decipher the WEP WPA or WPA2 key of the network the reality is that most routers have a security layer that prevents you for example from making more than one request every 30 seconds or that only It allows you 3 tries in a minute and then you have to wait 10 minutes or more to try again. So how would you guess it would take a lot.
So how does the application work?
Very easy. A large percentage of routers although not all have the WPS protocol activated by default and that large percentage another large percentage has the default 8-digit PIN code that they put in the factory. Over time it has been discovered that many routers use specific algorithms to generate that PIN code according to the model and manufacturer of the router and it has also been discovered that those that do not use algorithms many use the same factory PIN code also depending on the model and the maker.
Therefore we know that certain brands and certain models of routers use algorithms and we also know the default PIN codes of many others that do not use algorithms. All that information is what this application uses to check if a network with the activated WPS protocol is vulnerable to this attack.


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