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Advanced notebook - keeper of personal information (accounts passwords pin codes credit cards details etc.) and attachments in encrypted form:
- encryption AES-256 for body of notes and attached files optional by each note (the name of the notes is not encrypted!)
- attachements (the files will encrypted if enabled encryption for note)
- edit attached files (text and html)
- folders: unlimited nesting (only in full version)
- formatting text ( bold underline color font-size e.t.c. )
- fingerprint scanner
- autolock by time
- widgets and shortcuts on homescreen for notes or attached files
- icon library (you can upload youself icons)
- color themes
- backup/restore database (local memory or google drive)
- reminders
- labels
- builtin viewers pictures text html pdf
- builtin editors pictures(crop rotate resize) text html
- does not contain advertising


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