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Complete 100% ADS FREE Video to MP3 Converter Pro

Video MP3 Converter is easy and powerful video editor app to convert edit and trim your videos Audios. Save in MP3 & AAC from bit rate 48kbps to 320kbps and different videos resolution from 320X180 to 1280X720

App Features:
- No Ads at all.
- Work as Video Cutter/Editor/Converter and video compressor.
- MP3 Cutter for editing audio files.
- Browse folders directly within an APP.
- Supports MP3 bit rates : 48K 64K 80K 96K 112K 128K 160K 192K 224K 256K and 320K.
- Add/Edit Meta Data: Artist Album GenreYear.
- Select Video reslotions: 320X180 480X270 640X360 800X450 960X540 1280X720.
- Share Videos and Audios on different apps and social media.
- Supports different Video formats: MP4 WMV AVI 3GP MKV MOV FLAC and more.
- Supports different Audio formats: MP3 AAC WMV M4A.
- Convert to MP3 and AAC.
- Trim/Convert MP3 files in your device
- Edit MP3 Meta-Data (TitleTitle Artist Genre Year..)
- Options (Play Delete Rename Share Edit Meta-Data Trim Merge)

How to Edit/Convert/Trim Video:
- When you start App all the videos avaialble on device will shows.
- Select your video.
- Select starting and end point to make new video/Audio.
- select your choice to convert into audio (MP3AAC) or video.
- Add Metadata in info and select video resolution.
- Select speed from very slow to very fast mode.
- select saving folder or it will default take folder as "Video to MP3".
- Press Convert Button and That's it.
Note: It can take uptp 3 minutes if video file is in HD and large size. We request you to wait kindly as process get done.

How to Edit/Trim Audio:
- Select an Audio of your choice under Audio Section.
- Select starting and ending point.
- Press Save and give name of your choice.
- Chose how you want to save MP3 as Music Ringtone Notification.
- That's it. Its done you can use app as Ringtone maker and MP3 cutter.
You can check all converted audio and video files in Audio Cutter and Video Cutter section in app.


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