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Unit converter Pro is the 6th set of Smart Tools® collection.

This app includes Currency (money bitcoin) exchange rates. It has no ads and ads are replaced by useful texts.

There are a lot of unit conversion apps on the market. However most are inconvenient and difficult to use because of poor and complicated UI.
This app has intuitive and simple UI that is designed for casual user like you. Trust me. :)

I've sorted essential unit sets for your daily life into 4 categories.

- Basic : length (distance) area weight (mass) volume (capacity)
- Living : exchange rate temperature time speed shoes clothing hat
- Science : pressure force work (energy) power torque flow current voltage density viscosity concentration astronomy
- Misc. : angle data fuel efficiency cooking illuminance radiation prefix binary time zone blood sugar hardness AWG

It shows different unit sets depending on user's country. When you need more units please send me an email. androidboy1@gmail.com


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