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The First Download Accelerating App in the Android Market. Simply Long Press on a link on your browser and choose “Share Link” “Turbo Downloader” and start the download in turbo speed! From the makers that first brought Download Acceleration to Mobile Devices!
How does it work? 
Turbo Downloader makes use of multiple connections to download files to your phone. The settings will help you optimize your speed even further. Not all Servers support multiple streams/connections, use “Connection per Download” 1 or “Check Defensive Mode” in settings to reduce errors.
What does it NOT do? 
Turbo Downloader does NOT offer free files by itself. It works with Web Browsers and Web Sites that let you download files. 
Turbo Downloader does NOT work with YouTube. Turbo Downloader does NOT work with Web sites and File Sharing Sites that require login. Turbo Downloader works ONLY with direct URL links.


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