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Speeding up your device has never been so easy! With this program you can really speed up your device, increase powersaving and etc! 
Important! The program requires Root, Busybox and init.d support. Before using the program, make system backup!
✪ optimized for all devices based on Android 4.0 and above
✪ has a lot of settings and functions (see below)
✪ has a nice Material Design style, beautiful animations
✪ no ads
✪ frequent updates with new features and fixes
✪ very easy, fast, does not load the system, does not work in the background

What can the program?
★ “Speeding up your device in one click”
★ Battery Calibration
★ SD Card Read/Write fix
★ DPI Changer
★ Kernel Tuner
– change min. and max. frequencies
– change Governor-а
– change I/O Sheduler-а
– KSM control (the kernel must support this feature)
– ZRAM control (the kernel must support this feature)
– fast charge control (the kernel must support this feature)
– multi-core power management
– speeding up sdcard read/write speed
– and other
★ Shutdown and restart manager
★ Battery Tweaks
– disable logging
– Power Supply control
– Power Collapse control
– Wifi power saving
– sensors sleep control
– VM battery tweaks
★ Internet Tweaks
– TCP mode changer
– Google DNS enable
– Fast Dormancy
– IPv4 support
– IPv6 support
– etc
★System Tweaks
– OOM Killer
– change RAM mode
– improve perfomance
– improve touchscreen work
– Zipalign even boot and once at week
– SQLite optimization even boot and once at week
– increasing the quality of the image on the display device
– Speeding up EXT4 filesystem
– launcher tweaks
– improve scrolling quality and speed
– and etc!
★ Entropy Generator
★ MediaServer и MediaScanner control (enabling/disabling)
★ Media Tweaks
– improve image quality
– AMR WideBand
– acceleration of streaming video
– flash and flashlight tweak
– acceleration of the quality of shooting photos and video
– and etc!
★ GPS Booster (support: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Slovakia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom
★ Varios tweaks
– speeding up booting
– disable bootanimation
– disable ADB icon in statusbar
★ Init.d folder and build.prop file backup (but please make backup via custom recovery)
★ Getting information about the device
– model
– serial number
– device id
– Android version
– bootloader version
– radio version
– rom version
– active language
– Android ID
– PseudoID
– SDK version
– processor
– processor type
– Heap Size
– info about battery (health, voltage, temperature, battery type и т.п)
– screen resolution


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