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Someone says that you can take the beautiful pictures of starry sky easily with your digital camera but that is impossible as I can not recognize which star I am watching in the dark sky!You will like this app.
Stars Photo is a new application which is a little different from the planetarium application so far. With Stars Photo anyone can take pictures of starry sky easily.
You install a smartphone in the accessory shoe of the camera and the smart screen changes to a viewfinder. You can see the starry sky in the direction the camera is facing now.
Usually you take pictures of starry sky with a painfully strange posture that you need to look into camera finder. But with Stars Photo you can do it comffortlly by looking at the smartphone.Just push the shutter of the camera after turning to the desired constellation. Anyone can take a picture of beautiful starry sky easily.
For experts star landscape picture or Time-lapse photo animations of stars this app has the effective Time-lapse photo Simulation function too.
You can simulate by this app where the star move to several minutes later so you can decide shutter speed number of shots and composition of your photo.
 Install Stars Photo connect your smartphone to your camera and then turn to a night sky.
Now enjoy starry sky with Stars Photo.
The feature
1) Field angle display of camera and lens!
Moreover not only the center position but also the rotation of the camera is linked! You can set the composition.
You can position the composition while watching the smart screen without looking at the dark monitor or viewfinder of a camera that cannot see stars.
2) Horizontal installation of the smartphone on the camera! As it is still up to the sky and looking up the neck will not hurt; you can comfortably decide the composition by looking at the screen from above! !
This is the best way to check the constellation with the smartphone attached to the camera.
Moreover accuracy is high precision. (It depends on smartphone performance)
Since smartphone orientation can be changed (horizontal vertical) you can also use it while looking up as before.
3) Time lapse Long exposure of star scenery
" Time-lapse simulation" not only time lapse but also supporting long-time exposure shooting like a star's trajectory picture by comparative light!
Since you can check in advance how stars move in the composition there is no failure that the target star has left the composition after shooting.
You can set the shooting exposure time and the speed (fps) at the time of movie creation so you can simulate it like a completed movie.
4) There are also various display switching such as star name constellation line red / red latitude azimuth altitude line horizon landscape etc. Also plenty of regular planetarium software functions!

*This application requires the following parts for use.
・Smartphone Tripod Holder=Velbon suma-tofonhoruda-siri-zu blk equivalent
・Shoe Screw Mount Adapter=etsumi Studio Equipment Screws with Shoe equivalent


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