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Pixel Player is a powerful music player for Android : lightweight, quick and highly customizable. Are you looking for a single app for Music,Radio & Podcast ? Pixel is a complete Music Player, crafted with Material Design in mind and full of powerful features. ✮ MUSIC PLAYER ✮ Browse your local music library with the powerful music player.Intuitive UI and many features. Browse your music files by Folder view ✮ RADIO PLAYER ✮ Listen to your favorite online radio stations and search them by genre or keyword. Don’t you know what to listen ? No problem. Pixel will suggest your adio stations in line with your favorite genres/artists ✮ PODCAST PLAYER ✮ Search Podcasts or explore Podcast by categories. Subscribe to your favorite Podcast; watch or listen to the entire list of episodes. Receive notification when your favorite podcasts publish a new episode. ✮ VIDEO PLAYER ✮ Browse your local video and search for Podcast video episodes Pixel includes a powerful Equalizer to improve your music experience User Interface is clean and intuitive, it follows strictly the Material Design guide lines


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