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Watch your favourite movies cartoons TV shows and programs from your provider on your TV phone or tablet!
Available features:
- Live broadcasts and history (archives if playlist supports this function);
- You can add an unlimited number of M3U playlists;
- You can add an unlimited number of XML EPGs;
- Support for different streams (HLS UDP and others);
- Pause and rewind are working correctly (if history is available) time-shift is supported;
- You can view pause and rewind the broadcast which is currently on the air (if history is available);
- When you open the application the broadcast will continue from the moment when the application was closed (if history is available);
- On incoming calls/messages the broadcast will stop and automatically continue after the end of the conversation;
- And much more...
The application is only a player and DOES NOT CONTAIN any preset channels.
To view you need to add a playlist of your provider.
Have a nice watching!


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