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****** Bring full screen chat effect from iOS 10 to your Android phone ******
Forget the old way to receive notification from Facebook WhatsApp....
Notify Stickers will help you filter notification content then show up the notification in a new very emotional way.
Animated stickers will be showed up on your phone screen right after receiving new notification.
So without reading the notification you still know it's a good news (happy sticker) or bad news (sad sticker) from your lover (love sticker) or your hater (angry sticker)...
This's a great way to receive sentiment from family and friends.
★ EMOTICONS Now we have:
• Cute stickers like facebook
• Falling rose petals effect
Later we will have more categories of effect and animated stickers emojis.
• Step 1: Mapping the sticker/effect with some notification tags and apps.
• Step 2: Start the service and grant all nessesary permission.
• Step 3: Wait for new notification and see the notification effects :).
• We already added some mapping between sticker/effect and notification tags as example
• Click the play button on setting screen input some notification tag to preview the notifi effect.
• If you don't like the scroll effect on setting screen turn it off (menu -> setting -> Disable list animation).
DOWNLOAD IT NOW AND HAVE A TRY! Lighten up your chats with Notify Stickers !
Hope you like it as others do! Thanks a lot!


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