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Listening and downloading music from VKontakte / Yandex / SoundCloud / Deezer.
Listen and download music for free from your favorite services!
Key features:
Your own audio recordings and playlists, search, audio recordings of friends, groups and walls of Vkontakte groups
Your recordings, playlists, artists, albums, history, recommendations and search Yandex Music
Your audio recordings, playlists, soundcloud history and search
Your audio recordings, playlists, artists, albums, history and Deezer search
Customizable cache for each service (the ability to listen to music without the Internet)
EQ Player
Ability to download any music for free
Downloading one track at a time (several by selection) or whole albums / playlists
Automatic creation of M3U playlists when downloading albums / playlists
Selecting a folder for downloading music (including on sd-card)
Search music lists
Creating a hierarchy of folders Artist-> Albums-> Songs when downloading from Yandex Music and Deezer
Downloading and listening to music in the best quality with a paid Yandex Music subscription
Help inside the application
Themes (there is a theme for AMOLED)
Built-in proxy for those who do not have access to Vkontakte and Yandex.


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