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LiquidPlayer Pro is a music Player with powerful equalizer, Material skins, chromecast support, radio streams, 3D realtime visuals and much more … 
 ★ Minimalist Design ★ 
Stylish, Material Ready Guided by the new Android Design, Adjusted to match the overall Material style. We looked at every possible detail to ensure the best looking , yet efficient music player. No More “Images” : Almost every Button, gradient, background and image is dynamically generated at run-time. You get the best pixel quality for your device !. 
 ★ Powerful Sound effects ★ 
adjust your sound quality with our own crafted equalizer, bass and treble effect, as well as our hall and reverb ones. mix your mp3 and couple it with our DVC dynamic volume control 
 ★ Real-time Visuals ★ 
Your device is a beast, why not take advantage of it? LiquidPlayer dynamically analyses the music for you, detects onsets, and generates skillfully trimmed 3D visuals.


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