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Internet Speed Meter displays live internet speed and data usage per app. Set billing cycle with specific date and limit for metered as well as unmetered network.
Key Features: 
• Displays live internet speed in status bar.
• Shows Data usage per app. Easily identify most data-hungry apps in your device.
• Separate statistics for Mobile network (SIM1 and SIM2) and WiFi network.
• Monitors traffic data for the last 30 days, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly.
• Set Billing cycle for metered and unmetered network separately.
• Alerts before you hit your data limit — never be surprised by overage charges again!
• Displays all statistics in Bar Graphs & Pie Charts.
• UI Customization: For Marshmallow and above devices
* Simple View
* Advanced View
• Simple, intuitive design and easy to use UI.
• Daily Mobile and WiFi usage summary notification.
• Reminder notification on completion of 100% battery charging.
• Internet Speed Meter is a Data Manager who Monitor, Manage and count data usage.
• It shows Network Speed(WiFi, 5g,3G,4G) in Status-bar.
• Useful settings for all features.
• No Advertisements!!
• 24×7 Official Support.
• Absolutely Free!


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