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- Well, some kind of stable versions is done. Added ability to download voice messages and ability to backup/restore settings(except download folder path because of some "security" problems). And some bugfixes ofc. If they'll be work fine, these APKs will be release version.

This is different_package Different Package - set separately from the original Insta, if you suddenly want to use two applications

IMPORTANT: Clear app data before using, changed the download paths to URI or just reselect download folder, should work

Version 17. Changes:
> Ability to disable download notifications
> Ability to disable story cropping
> Ability to remove black bars (?) Above and below in stories
> The option of maximum photo quality is now optional. Disabled by default.
> Option to improve the quality of uploaded stories (experimental, not the fact that it will work, Instagram still squeezes everything on servers)
> The ability to watch stories in full screen (does not always work, may also cause problems with a couple of other activities)
> Black theme now with white icons + some fixes
> Clone Fixes
Important: bug by Instagram – the heart sending in DM doesn't work(people say, that has been fixed in Instagram v103, but I don't wanna make base update again now). Clone crashes on first launch because of this, but it works fine after crash(I believe)
Русс: Если у вас имеется проблемы со скачиванием(вылетает, уведомление встаёт и т.п.), то попробуйте выбрать папку для скачивания в настройках вручную
English: If you have problem with downloads(app crashes or notification stuck), try to select download folder manually in settings
in the mod settings, in the “Download” folder, set the download folder in the “InstaMod” folder (my folder is “InstaMod”), then all downloads work fine. After selecting the download folder as the download folder, everything happens without errors.
credit krogon500


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