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*What does this app do exactly? It allows you to set the home screen background with your own pictures (up to 48 ones) from a device gallery.
*What's the difference between HomeScreen Gallery and the other similar applications?
Here it's not necessary to change pictures one by one every time you want a new photo. As title says: gallery on home screen.
*How it works?
Very simple way - just tapping up-down
or down-up. Images don't change automatically.
High quality guaranteed.
Always the same photo on home screen
background? Forget it.
Now you can set up to fifty pictures from mobile gallery or camera.
No annoying ads neither in-app purchases. Feel free to leave a negative/positive comment for the others. Vertical gallery on home screen.
Tested on the following mobile devices:
Samsung Young 2 Samsung Galaxy J5 Samsung SM-G130 Asus tablet K-300 Huawei Ascend G-900 Samsung Mini Virtual PC Machine - works perfectly. Loads every high resolution picture: 900x1400 pixels as well as 4100x4100 without any quality lost (looks like original one). This simple and useful app was made for my great-grand mother (103 year's old) she got really happy; sorry it's not free but I have 16 pretty cats.


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