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FlyTube Music Player for YouTube FlyTube – Free, simple and easy to use YouTube Music Player that you have been waiting for – minimize and use other apps while listening to your favorite songs! Enjoy unlimited YouTube music video content and play it in a floating popup window that can be resized and used for multitask listening experience. Search and play your favorite music or video, simply add it to playlist with one tap, check daily top charts, explore various music genres, shuffle through your playlists and listen on repeat! Finally a complete, free YouTube Player is here, no need to download music anymore! FLOATING POPUP PLAYER – Music player: Play videos in full screen or use the floating popup player to multitask – Choose between 4 different floating popup player sizes – Move the floating popup freely on the screen even when using other apps ALL OF YOUTUBE – Search and stream millions of music video content on YouTube – On the fly suggestion display – Play your favorite songs and simply add them to your playlist with one tap – Multitask window mode – Enjoy daily Top charts – Explore various music genres – Look through your recently played list and never forget a song – Tune in live stream channels – Share what you are currently listening to PLAYLISTS – Easily add song to a playlist with one tap on the + button – Create and manage your playlists with a simple drag and drop – Import playlists from your YouTube account SHUFFLE & REPEAT – Shuffle your playlists – YouTube Music Player on repeat mode: Repeat your currently playing song once or multiple times EQUALIZER & VISUALIZER – Five-band Equalizer – Audio Visualiser that flows with the rythm of the current music stream – Audio Filters – Use EQ presets or customize it yourself – Adjust the sound stream volume NOTE : FlyTube is a third party app. All the content is provided by YouTube. FlyTube is using YouTube Player API. An internet connection is needed. FlyTube Player is not a downloader. Due to YouTube’s Terms of Use, we are not allowed to display videos in lockscreen, stream music in background nor to allow you to download songs.


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