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This simple interface hyper fast video and audio encoder - FFmpeg (http://ffmpeg.org/) FFmpeg is already built into the program and does not require download of additional codec.
Main purpose: to convert any video to mp4 or 3gp understandable to Android devices and resize under the screen resolution of devices. You can also extract the mp3 audio from the video.
Supports: MPEG4 h264 mp3 aac ogg (vorbis and theora) and many other formats (the list can be found in the program). Optipization for x86 и ARMv7(cortex-a8).
Requirements: Processor ARMv7 and above or x86.
Built-in fmpeg v2.3: (libx26 libmp3lame vorbis theora libfaac libvpx)
Android 5.0 and hight:
Built-in ffmpeg v4.1 (x264 x265 ogg vorbis theora opus vp8 vp9 mp3lame libfdk_aac)
More options you will find in FFmpeg's man pages.


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