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The Drum Looper PRO application includes hundreds of professional and quality drum samples.
►You can train not only guitar playing skills, but also learn popular melodies and rhythms without the need of drummer or the drum kit.
►Also is an excellent audio tutorial for drummers, which will help you learn how to work in other styles and even keep the rhythm.
►Keyboardists would use this app too. It contains dozens of dance bits, from which you can make real masterpieces
►The collected rhythms in this App are:
jazz, funk, hip-hop, indie, blues, punk, metal, heavy metal, pop-rock, retro, dance, alternative, rockenroll and reggae.
Feel like a real rock star, DJ or rapper, without leaving your house.
P.S. In this application, you can not create music, but you will be able to create a sample by yourself, using the virtual drum kit in the Drum Live section.
Drum Live is a kind of simulator of drums with high-quality sounds and the ability to record and reproduce your samples.


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