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Make a Black and White Photo with Light Contrast Grit and Form
Everyone knows it doesn't get better than classic Black & White - it's the artistic soul of photography. Referencing one of our favorite Ansel Adams quotes: "Great Black & White photos aren't taken - they're made". Using Dramatic Black & White you can make your own black and white photographs ones where light and contrast grit and form come together to tell a story; ones where stone and sky water and light transcend the material world and ascend to the Photographers’ Gallery. With Dramatic Black & White there are no mistakes you can't fix no limits to your vision no stopping until you're finished nothing to hold you back from truly 'making your photos' and making them - Oh.My.Gosh.good!

JixiPix's Dramatic Black & White app starts by leaving color in the rear view mirror and enables you to make expert adjustments with easy-to-use fully customizable controls to contrast and light texture and shape. Before your eyes watch your photo transform into the dramatic looks of the past and cutting-edge styles of the present.


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