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Block WiFi - Router Admin Setup shows some information about the current network like MAC IP Address and Name of devices and it also lets you know about the devices connected to your wireless network.
Block WiFi - Router Admin Setup is a the simplest network scanner IP scanner and WiFi scanner that allows you to find your WiFi setup page(router setup page)and router password so it is a useful IP tools and ping tools. Our App is a simple and free network tool to help you scan WiFi show all devices connected to your WiFi see who is on my WiFi and block the strange device in router admin page or in one click.
Block WiFi - Router Admin Setup helps you to access the admin page of any Router modems ( or etc.). It is very time consuming to configure my wifi using your mobile browsers. Here comes the importance of this application. You can easily access your admin panel and make changes to your modem settings.
As a super-fast network scanner it can scan all devices connected to your WiFi Hotspots in seconds and monitor your WiFi connection in real-time.


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